Ok enough politics.

You kids need to go watch Detroit Metal City.

What is Detroit Metal City?

Well it's a Manga series chronicling the Gods of Japan's underground Death/Black Metal scene. I'm mainly reviewing the Anime which is comprised of 13 15-minute episodes, very much simmilar to Adult Swim's Metalocalypse.

The manga has been running since 2005 which predates Metalocalypse. Though both shows are about the wacky hijinx of Death Metal bands. DMC mainly follows Negishi/Krauser where as Metalocalypse follows Dethklok as a whole. Another difference between the two is that while Metalocalypse primarily focuses on violence while DMC focuses on more sexual-agressive tones. I find this to be a telling trait between American and Japanese sensibilities. Both shows represent the culture's dark underbelly in slapstick comedic fashion.

Anyway, back to DMC. Our Hero is one Negishi Soichi, he's a mild-mannered guy just out of college who can play the guitar. He loves Swedish pop music, his family, and farming. However, through some sick twist of fate he fell into the role of Johannes Krauser II the rape-crazed front man of Japan's most notorious Death Metal band Detroit Metal City (DMC).

Most of the show is Negishi trying to break away and start his own bubblegum pop music career but either through fate or his own subconscious he always comes back to Krauser. Situations always fall into place for Krauser to seem way more badass than he really is, or is it? A simple trip can lead to him taking out a cop or someone pissing him off can lead to him mouthing off the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Anyway, this review is making the show seem much deeper than it really is, just go watch it. I could go on more about the awesome cast and other crap like that, but I will save those kinds of reviews for better shows. This is just a fucked up dark comedy that's very short, so just go check it out.

DMC not licensed for a North America release yet so you'll have to find a fansub some where.

Also, shortly after the Anime was released in Japan a Live-action Movie was released. No fansub of it yet, so I guess I'll have to wait.

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