Trading in the Large Japanese Truck for a small Korean Car

Well, fuck weeks 1 & 2 of this football season:
  1. Fuck RG3
  2. Fuck Cam Newton
  3. Fuck, piss, & crap on Steve Smith
    1. Just kidding! He'd like that.
  4. Fuck Roger Goodell
  5. Fuck lists
  6. Fuck Gregg Williams
  7. Fuck  Steve Spagnuolo
  8.  Fuck Aaron Kromer
  9.  Fuck the Saint's Defense
  10.  Fuck the Saint's Offensive Line
  11.  Fuck Mickey Loomis for not offering Brees 30 Million a season & franchising Carl Nicks
  12.  Fuck fuck fuck
All in all I think I've come to terms with the Saints having a losing season. God knows I've lived through plenty of those. 

I wonder how Goodell will fuck over the Giants and the Jets next season? 

I doubt he will. The NFL's wettest dream would be a 4-way Super Bowl of the Jets vs. the Giants vs. the Packers vs. the Steelers.


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Saints 2012 Thoughts (IN OUTLINE FORM! YEAH!!)

  • Why couldn't Roger Goodell and Gregg Williams just off themselves in a Mexican standoff? 
    • 2009 was the only season Williams contrived and idiotic game plan ever worked was because it was Darren Sharper's last hurrah. 
    • Goodell is a corporate stooge who like all corporate stooges does things to appear to be doing something thinking it might fool anyone.
  • Bountygate Opinion: Fuck Everybody
    • Fuck Goodell for reasons above and..
      • Just throw a lot of money at crippled retirees already. Jesus Christ is that so fucking hard? 
        • The NFL is nearly 100% profit anyways since local governments subsidize the holy fuck out of it so teams won't leave.
    • Fuck Gregg Williams. 
      • You who else liked to blitz a lot? Hitler.
    • Fuck that smug motherfucker Sean Payton.
      • While I enjoy you taking out your cock and wiggling it in Goodell's face you could of, I dunno, not have a convicted felon emailing you spreadsheets detailing bullshit locker-room bets.
        • Why not offer Jimmy John's gift cards to players who fucked up instead?
    • Fuck "legitimate" sports writers who are not Larry Holder
      • Now I know how fans of roided up MLB players feel. Jesus Christ get over yourselves.
    • Fuck annoying know-it-all "WHO DAT" conspiracy theorists.
    • Fuck ME
      • Just kidding I'm married, wife only (maybe I should have edited this out?)
  • The 2012 season I will feel nothing but conflict with my curmudgeonish "we're dooooomed!" feelings I've always had growing up with the Saints.
    • It's going to be all forms of retarded ranging from:
      • Homers predicting nothing short of Superb Owls and undefeated records
      • Reality-based people expecting a so/so season
      • Crazed local CBS affiliate bloggers proclaiming it be all or nothing.
    • I never much cared for the fake sympathy lapped on us after the federal flood and I really hate hearing from outsiders that we need to stop bring up Katrina when It's Football Night In Amuurrrika™ brings it up.
    • I am 100% on board with Wang's branding the Saints with the NWO 
    • Maybe I'll post more this season? I dunno. One post a year is fine by me.