No surprise, we could have had Charity hospital online by now for way less money, oh no not the Deutschen Haus! blah blah blah

Just get it over with. Build and develop prove the critics wrong. 2013? Jesus Christ we needed hospitals 3 years ago. What is with all the lead-ass in this city?

Historical preservation is nice, but there is a segment of these so-called "preserved" homes are just blighted and nothing is being done with them. Let me win the lottery and I'll buy that house on the corner of Bourbon and Esplanade and fix it up right nice I tells ya.

Balance needs to be met in this city. We need to move forward and not become strip mall hell.

All this historical preservation vs. moving forward debate makes me think of Meridian, Mississippi. In one direction strip malls, Chili's and other bland wasp nests claiming to be restaurants, and a Super Walmart. In the other direction and unique and quaint downtown area of vacant retail locales and brick buildings. Such a shame, but what can you do? People like driving fast and parking.

I don't know. My opinion is all over the place on these kinds of things. Just get something done good or bad. I keep thinking the City is Mr. Slave, the Federal government is Mr. Garrison, and the "billions" of Federal Dollars is Lemmingwinks.


Growing up in the sticks of St. Tammany and going to one 6th Ward Jr. High school (after attending majority black Chata-ema elementary in Lacombe) I knew the Klan was alive in well in Hickville, USA.

I'm annoyed by the fake gasps and pseudo-shock people are showing since this story broke.

Be aware of your surroundings people. Racism is not dead, it's just taking a back seat to economic class.

Anyway, nothing of value was lost.


Thank you NPR for telling me such a documentary exists.

Oh look, it's airing on WYES (Channel 12) on November 11 @ 8:00pm. (For those in other areas.)

Seems like it should be pretty interesting. Seeing a young, presumably drunk, W campaigning for his dad was pretty lol-worthy. It'll be nice to see where Karl Rove learned to slither around on his belly.


Ok enough politics.

You kids need to go watch Detroit Metal City.

What is Detroit Metal City?

Well it's a Manga series chronicling the Gods of Japan's underground Death/Black Metal scene. I'm mainly reviewing the Anime which is comprised of 13 15-minute episodes, very much simmilar to Adult Swim's Metalocalypse.

The manga has been running since 2005 which predates Metalocalypse. Though both shows are about the wacky hijinx of Death Metal bands. DMC mainly follows Negishi/Krauser where as Metalocalypse follows Dethklok as a whole. Another difference between the two is that while Metalocalypse primarily focuses on violence while DMC focuses on more sexual-agressive tones. I find this to be a telling trait between American and Japanese sensibilities. Both shows represent the culture's dark underbelly in slapstick comedic fashion.

Anyway, back to DMC. Our Hero is one Negishi Soichi, he's a mild-mannered guy just out of college who can play the guitar. He loves Swedish pop music, his family, and farming. However, through some sick twist of fate he fell into the role of Johannes Krauser II the rape-crazed front man of Japan's most notorious Death Metal band Detroit Metal City (DMC).

Most of the show is Negishi trying to break away and start his own bubblegum pop music career but either through fate or his own subconscious he always comes back to Krauser. Situations always fall into place for Krauser to seem way more badass than he really is, or is it? A simple trip can lead to him taking out a cop or someone pissing him off can lead to him mouthing off the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Anyway, this review is making the show seem much deeper than it really is, just go watch it. I could go on more about the awesome cast and other crap like that, but I will save those kinds of reviews for better shows. This is just a fucked up dark comedy that's very short, so just go check it out.

DMC not licensed for a North America release yet so you'll have to find a fansub some where.

Also, shortly after the Anime was released in Japan a Live-action Movie was released. No fansub of it yet, so I guess I'll have to wait.
After hearing the incessant baawwwing in the comments on Oyster's posts about Joesph Cao (Link 1)(Link 2). I just have to rant.

Cao's new website is only couple days old. All they have done thus far is replaced the graphics of the old one and revised his biography page. You don't slap together an issue statement in a day proper polling and drafting must be done first. But the little "action agenda" box is a nice start.

Action Agenda:
* Promote economic development and create better jobs
Of course.

* Redevelop the Port of New Orleans
About fucking time a candidate mentions this. The clock is ticking big time on Panama Canal's expansion. Nagin and Jindal both need to be power-bombed into a mountain of dog shit for not scrambling on this issue.

* Reduce wasteful spending in Washington
Uh yeah, which party are you a member of again?

* Ensure our children receive an excellent education
No Brainer, but how you propose to do it is another.

* Preserve our wetlands and expand coastal restoration for hurricane protection

Now this is merely the starting point. The hows and the elaboration on the points is greatly needed. If they are not up in a week then I will start to get pissy, but right now it's only been a few days, so there is still a bit of a grace period left. In reality, all campaign promises have to be taken with a grain of salt.

As for being Catholic, The Catholic Church, though dogmatic, ritualistic, and corrupt, is not Fundamentalist. They don't take the bible literally as the word of god, sure they don't favor sex education and contraception, but it's better then idiots who believe the world will end in flames when the anti-Christ descends upon us and that Jesus wanted them to vote for George W Bush.

Either way, fuck party affiliation. I don't care who is in which club. I don't vote based on who lines up perfectly with my personal views either. I vote for who can benefit myself and my community. Jefferson has little to no political clout in Washington, he is a marked man who's about to be taken out. Instead of having him as a negative mark on my state's record and having to spend millions on a new election when he's convicted, I'd rather vote in the the new guy with a PHD and who's lived the American dream.

So what if Cao Catholic and republican? Some of my favorite people are Catholic and/or Republican. That's not the issue we are all human beings with our own unique ideals. I am sick of partisanship. Work together and compromise, stop the fucking bickering.


After 8 years of "uh uh uh [made upword] *cocky smirk*" I was on the verge of tears. He came across as on the level and appeared to be *gasp* thinking. Personally, I hope the next economic stimulus package is mainly infrastructure improvements (like FDR/Huey Long levels), extensions of unemployment benefits are a good idea as well. I agree with Paul Krugman's stance that right now is not the time to be paying off the federal debt and balancing the budget (sauce). Save that for the good times, you know the period of time Bush and company like to start wars and create the debt.


In other news, Joseph Cao replaced his shitty circa-1997 Homestead.com web page with something much better.


Oh yeah. Been a while since I voted for the guy who won. Will most of his campaign promises be kept? No. Is the two party system flawed? Yes. Will all our problems be solved? No. But goddamnit I expect change with him and congress having a usable majority. Remember what him and his cronies promised, if they don't carry out, vote them out. Repeat.

So for local stuff.

I'm glad the HRC (N.O. Master Plan) Amendment passed. I guess I'll go to the planning meetings.

"Dollar" Bill Jefferson won, but no surprise since the black candidates fucked themselves, Gustav pushed back the run off, and a former television personality stole the white vote. He was very lucky, or is he? The general election for his seat will take place in December. Low black turnout? Maybe. So let's see who's running against him. Ok, a black panther, two nobodies, and Vietnamese Republican?! :\

Anh "Joseph" Cao (Republican): http://www.voteforanhcao.com What a shitty webpage, I almost want to make one for him. haha. Hmm, He's Catholic with a BS in Physics and has a Law Degree. Lives in New Orleans East. The Vietnamese community in New Orleans East intrigues me.

Hmm... Hopefully he'll gain some steam from annoyed white voters. But I doubt it.