Here's some passing opinions floating around in my head.

Charity/VA Hospital:
Sure a swank, progressive, modern, and economically attractive Biomedical district would be nice. But it's not funded, the city needs health care 3 years ago, and it would demolish an otherwise ok neighborhood (though the area along Tulane Ave can still be leveled). I can see the arguments both sides are making though.

Big 3 Bailout:
Impose fuel economy restrictions sooner, give them their little loan, move on. Too bad congress dropped the ball now President notsolameducker is taking care of it. Though these idiots deserve to go under, they have a few million people and other industries hostage. We need to invent new things to produce.

Economic Stimulus:
Conservatives complaining about a balanced budget during a major recession is stupid. Driving up a huge deficit while the economy is prosperous is just as stupid. One Trillion on infrastructure (not just roads) is way more appealing than bailing out some huge companies. Of course huge contractors would benefit a lot, ah well.

Obama's Cabinet:
I'm a centralist, he's a centralist, let's make out! If you wanted change change then you should have voted 3rd party. Obama and the Clintons are democrats so, why so suprised? Obama is idealistic, but not stupid. Sorry far left.

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