So after years of listening to podcasts, I've decided to do one myself. My friend Chris came over and we did a test run. I'm congested and fat so there is a ton of heavy breathing and throat clearing.

This is just us rambling, the first episode will be an Evangelion review since that should generate cheap heat, feedback, and is fresh on my mind from a recent ANNCast. Chris and I talk about how he came into contact with Eva and I make smart-ass comments. Notes will be taken and editing might go on when there is an actual show to record.

Stay Tuned.

Download and give me some advice in the comments. Trolling and flaming will be encouraged.


New Orleans Ladder said...

My only peeve with any podcast in general is when they speak in a conversational tone, as if the microphone is another person in the room. It is not. It is picking up everything else in the room, rendering the persons "conversational tone of words" much less audible... sort of like when someone drops the volume of their voice and starts talking faster...
In short, pronounce your sentences more completely s'all.

N said...

The tangents are fine, but Chris' "Uh"s and "Let's see"s and pauses dragged it out. I felt like I was waiting the whole time. I wanted to say, "spit it out!"

Otherwise, neat job, boys.