TEST PODCAST 2: The Quickening

Still working out the bugs and getting used to hearing my own voice and all that crap. Eventually I am going to have to get a libsyn account or something to host this.

Debating on a name for this, maybe I'll just call it "Superdeformed Hates the Internets" and make this blog and podcast one in the same.

Anyway, in this episode Chris, Lance, and myself review Megazone 23 Part 1. I wanted to do MD Geist, but youtube was not agreeing with us that night. The microphone picked up my sister cooking dinner for about the first half of the episode.

The format is pretty loose. I did a bunch of editing, but I doubt any of you will notice. We recorded a news segment, but it didn't make the cut because it was boring and dragged on.

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Megazone 23 was made by AIC and ARTMIC not Studio NUE. SORRY OK?!


The Angry Otaku said...

Couldn't download it... some kind of error. Though I see you neglected to mention that Megazone 23 was in fact the finest documentray film ever made.

Superdeformed said...

I updated the link.

I used MediaFire since my college's old computer science club's webserver's certificates expired.

salman said...

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