I am so sick of the 2008 presidential campaign I could vomit my spleen, which is impossible, I think.

It feels like the race began back in 2004 when Obama won in a landslide. Watching snippets of his victory speech while at an election night party made me think, "Golly, I'm more excited about this guy then that ketchup asshole." I predicted right then and there he'd be the next President. Four years later I'm not so sure.

This election has shown the internet to be a double edge sword. We can get information correctly or incorrectly in a matter of seconds. False hype can be generated seemingly out of nowhere as was the case with Ron Paul. Worse of all is the empowerment of partisanship and bickering. On the bright side you have several fact-checking sources to hold a lot of the hype in check, so long as individuals take not of it, which most are not sadly.

Expect a rundown of both candidates in the coming month.


oyster said...

Love the title of this blog, and I look forward to more posts.

Glad to know you!

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