Oh yeah. Been a while since I voted for the guy who won. Will most of his campaign promises be kept? No. Is the two party system flawed? Yes. Will all our problems be solved? No. But goddamnit I expect change with him and congress having a usable majority. Remember what him and his cronies promised, if they don't carry out, vote them out. Repeat.

So for local stuff.

I'm glad the HRC (N.O. Master Plan) Amendment passed. I guess I'll go to the planning meetings.

"Dollar" Bill Jefferson won, but no surprise since the black candidates fucked themselves, Gustav pushed back the run off, and a former television personality stole the white vote. He was very lucky, or is he? The general election for his seat will take place in December. Low black turnout? Maybe. So let's see who's running against him. Ok, a black panther, two nobodies, and Vietnamese Republican?! :\

Anh "Joseph" Cao (Republican): http://www.voteforanhcao.com What a shitty webpage, I almost want to make one for him. haha. Hmm, He's Catholic with a BS in Physics and has a Law Degree. Lives in New Orleans East. The Vietnamese community in New Orleans East intrigues me.

Hmm... Hopefully he'll gain some steam from annoyed white voters. But I doubt it.

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