No surprise, we could have had Charity hospital online by now for way less money, oh no not the Deutschen Haus! blah blah blah

Just get it over with. Build and develop prove the critics wrong. 2013? Jesus Christ we needed hospitals 3 years ago. What is with all the lead-ass in this city?

Historical preservation is nice, but there is a segment of these so-called "preserved" homes are just blighted and nothing is being done with them. Let me win the lottery and I'll buy that house on the corner of Bourbon and Esplanade and fix it up right nice I tells ya.

Balance needs to be met in this city. We need to move forward and not become strip mall hell.

All this historical preservation vs. moving forward debate makes me think of Meridian, Mississippi. In one direction strip malls, Chili's and other bland wasp nests claiming to be restaurants, and a Super Walmart. In the other direction and unique and quaint downtown area of vacant retail locales and brick buildings. Such a shame, but what can you do? People like driving fast and parking.

I don't know. My opinion is all over the place on these kinds of things. Just get something done good or bad. I keep thinking the City is Mr. Slave, the Federal government is Mr. Garrison, and the "billions" of Federal Dollars is Lemmingwinks.

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