Don't forget to vote this Saturday!

The main, well only, item on my ballot is the 2nd Congressional District election.

Here's the choices:

Anh "Joseph" Cao:
Definitely my favored candidate. Sure he's republican, but he's progressive on immigration reform. His background is interesting, well educated, and backed by a major party (which is usually a bad thing to me). For a better article click here.

William J. Jefferson

Gregory W. Kahn:
Libertarians are fun and I agree on a few of their stances, but the overall concept still falls flat. Wacky Centralists like me can't get too into them since they are pretty much anarchists with the capitalism. Hell the guy doesn't even have a website, how unhip can a candidate of a hip 3rd party be?

Malik Rahim
Definitely has the nicest website, however to the chagrin of all the silly liberals out there, he's a fringe candidate. Even uttering BLACK PANTHER is political suicide in closet racist Louisiana. No chance of winning. I know elections are not a horse race, but there should be a degree of cost benefit analysis. If he magically wins I won't mind.

I'm voting for the little Vietnamese guy. But if you want an endorsement.


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scortia said...

But Jefferson is aaaaaaawesome. He's got a spotless record.