Not to say I agree with any of those childish Republicans for their 100% NO vote, they want the stimulus to be all tax cuts.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Tax Cuts ($275 billion)
Education Investments ($141.6 billion)
Health-care Investments ($112.1 billion)
Welfare/Unemployment ($102 billion)

Infrastructure Investments ($90 billion)

Energy Investments ($58 billion)
Federal Motor Fleet ($600 million)

Meanwhile China tosses up to $585 Billion at their infrastructure. Most likely less, but still way over our measly $90 billion.

I could care less about a tax break. Leave everything else the same, take all those tax cuts and put them into infrastructure investments, and I'll be 100% behind it.

Once again, both sides are wrong.


There is only story said...

Better yet. Just give me all the money. I know just what to do with it... -shoves it under mattress-

Superdeformed said...

Yeah, exactly what you don't want to do in a consumer economy.

Oh wait, maybe the economy itself is to blame? GASP!