N.O. Place for Good I.T.

Other bloggers have done a better job of covering this new cycle than I ever could. So give them some love.


All I can offer is some commentary from my experience in Information Technology.

First off any major city like New Orleans should have a good enough server to house a decent email system like Microsoft Exchange at the very least. I've worked for a government institution which was yearly audited by the FBI and other agencies and we had to maintain emails for over 300 end users and keep all the emails on the server which was incrementally backed up daily and fully backed up every month. The server could be completely empty, but the tape library would have all emails (mind you it would take a while to extract them all) public records requests can be carried out.

Nagin claiming there was no way to keep more than a week's worth of emails on the server could be technically true, but if there was no proper backup system in place then the head of the city's IT department should have been fired or even fined, fuck it, both. Oh yeah the Camera system thing is even more icing on the cake. Oh and giving out email logs to the wrong department, also another fireable offense. Jesus.

Locally and nationally things are getting pretty interesting.

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