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Saints 2012 Thoughts (IN OUTLINE FORM! YEAH!!)

  • Why couldn't Roger Goodell and Gregg Williams just off themselves in a Mexican standoff? 
    • 2009 was the only season Williams contrived and idiotic game plan ever worked was because it was Darren Sharper's last hurrah. 
    • Goodell is a corporate stooge who like all corporate stooges does things to appear to be doing something thinking it might fool anyone.
  • Bountygate Opinion: Fuck Everybody
    • Fuck Goodell for reasons above and..
      • Just throw a lot of money at crippled retirees already. Jesus Christ is that so fucking hard? 
        • The NFL is nearly 100% profit anyways since local governments subsidize the holy fuck out of it so teams won't leave.
    • Fuck Gregg Williams. 
      • You who else liked to blitz a lot? Hitler.
    • Fuck that smug motherfucker Sean Payton.
      • While I enjoy you taking out your cock and wiggling it in Goodell's face you could of, I dunno, not have a convicted felon emailing you spreadsheets detailing bullshit locker-room bets.
        • Why not offer Jimmy John's gift cards to players who fucked up instead?
    • Fuck "legitimate" sports writers who are not Larry Holder
      • Now I know how fans of roided up MLB players feel. Jesus Christ get over yourselves.
    • Fuck annoying know-it-all "WHO DAT" conspiracy theorists.
    • Fuck ME
      • Just kidding I'm married, wife only (maybe I should have edited this out?)
  • The 2012 season I will feel nothing but conflict with my curmudgeonish "we're dooooomed!" feelings I've always had growing up with the Saints.
    • It's going to be all forms of retarded ranging from:
      • Homers predicting nothing short of Superb Owls and undefeated records
      • Reality-based people expecting a so/so season
      • Crazed local CBS affiliate bloggers proclaiming it be all or nothing.
    • I never much cared for the fake sympathy lapped on us after the federal flood and I really hate hearing from outsiders that we need to stop bring up Katrina when It's Football Night In Amuurrrika™ brings it up.
    • I am 100% on board with Wang's branding the Saints with the NWO 
    • Maybe I'll post more this season? I dunno. One post a year is fine by me.

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